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Swinging husband wrote at 2015-10-02 22:07:22
This is why you are not a swinger you are just a single man who wants to get his willy wet. The married men in the lifestyle got lucky found a good woman whom they love and are willing to share. You are a dime a dozen thats why you aren't having any luck. Now there are those who enjoy this kind of thing but most places and couples don't like the single men due to the fact that the husband used to be one and know how they think. And then there is the crushing on someone else's wife because she is cool and sexy and loves sex. So you text them all the time like a little school boy and try to get her alone all the time behind his back. Plus this is someones pride and joy that you want it's hard for most men to let that happen. If you had a woman how would you feel.  

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I can try to answer all questions about the swinging scene. Bi, straight, single men, marrid men, couples, clubs, parties and swinging etiquette. I also have many friends in the scene who would be able to help me with questions I do not know the answers to.


I have been a swingers for ten years with my husband. We have arranged social and swinging meets and I also help run a swingers website and chat room. I have also attended clubs and parties.

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