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Adultery/Having an affair with a family member


Shurn wrote at 2013-04-28 13:18:26
My husband and my adult daughter did the same things my daughter came to my husband one afternoon and he have in to her and I found out years later that they had been doing this for years and my grand daughters two of them or my husbands daughters and well my daughter lied to everyone about who the fathers of these girls were for years I friend of my daughters told me one dag when she and my daughter had gotten into a fight! I asked my daughter to live my home and she did not for the affair I totally didn't believe it at first it took me two days to get the facts in my head! My daughter struggles with the truth and cannot tell the truth if you paid her for it! Now my husband has begged me for forgiveness and says it was nothing but sex! He lives the girls but it was sex! Begs me to stay and work things out! My daughter continues to lie to everyone! Sometimes I just want them to go away and never to be seen again by anyone I know! But the grandbabies I have known are my whole life! My daughter doesn't and hasn't ever stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for the girls! And she never has gold me the truth about this affair! I think the other person is right there are innocent victims in this that are going to be hurt and like my grand babies is my husband daddy or papi! When they started this affair they only pleasures them self and to heck with what and whom they took out in the process leaving and getting out of this families life is the best advice I know of as well! You can get counseling and learn to understand the situation better and know that this is not at all right! My god is a forgiving God so I know people can forgive but the kids do not understand and your daughter needs counseling as well she is thinking from your actions that well it is just ok to sleep with whomever! My daughter is my husband step daughter I forgot to say this! I don't know where I am going from

This situation but it isn't right! People have to think of others or what they may bring home to their spouses when they decide to go to bed! Come on!  


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