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Adultery/Wife is having an affair with her boss


Fabulous wrote at 2009-04-03 06:27:08
All I can say to you is this is a big no in your marriage. Sex is not something you just share with another man for his comfort. I am married to a man that barely touches me now due to his own hormonal and stress issues, and I still can't find myself in a place where I am sharing this part of me for another man's satisfaction. She is wrong, and you can be strong and express that to her, and tell her that you were foolish for accepting this. Ask her how she would like you to do this very thing with another woman. You don't have to make this a battle over the children, but you do need to respect yourself. You don't have to be married to deal with the children. Besides, I wish a bit** would try to keep children away from the father after sleeping around in America (that's black slang)!

Libertarian wrote at 2015-08-08 21:20:28
Well, this being an old case, I hope the husband learned to go beyond his Victorian morals and be happy to serve such a lively, high-spirited woman. I'd be happy if my prude, repressed wife would have such a fun attitude towards life and sex.


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