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Adultery/Married but in love with the other woman


Alexandra wrote at 2015-08-23 20:49:40
What you do is you walk away from the other woman and never look back.  You and your wife exchanged vows, it's time to honor them.

Divorce is a form of child abuse.


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Judith Brandt


I can answer questions regarding how to cheat and get away with it. I also have an extensive understanding of why people marry in the first place, and where the urge to cheat comes from. Love is an emotion programmed to self-destruct.


Ten years 'in the field', on both sides of the adultery fence. My book THE 50-MILE RULE: Your Guide to Infidelity and Extra-marital Etiquette will be coming out in June, 2002 from Ten Speed Press.

I have an MBA and an MA in Education

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