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Adultery/I cheated while pregnant


kool wrote at 2010-02-23 15:14:19
You did it for many different reasons, but I'll start off by saying you probably were disassociated from your family as a child via public school, and there you were raised without knowledge of True Law, and watched hours of television which geared you to be a pleasure seeker.  

I know it may seem you live a perfectly normal life, I know, I was there.  There is an agenda to bring about the specific story you are telling.  A story of breach of marital contract through adultery, abandonment of child to day care and outside schooling, getting women to work for other men when they should really be working at home for their husbands.  

I realize by now you might be thinking, "this guy is a chauvinistic pig".  Please I mean no disrespect.  A woman is deserving of respect and love and care.  But that doesn't come from your boss at work as evident by his behavior.  Please do yourself a favor and youtube "feminism recipe slavery".

Do yourself another favor.  Quit cheating on your husband.  If he'll still have you please stay together and try to eventually become submissive to him.  You'll be surprised at the new-found depth of his love with every new habit of submissiveness.  It's truly arousing for a husband and motivating too.


DrD wrote at 2010-06-04 01:41:05

it's obvious why you had the affair, from the way you write, you were and still am attracted to your former boss. It seems that your husband has accepted this at least to some extent. Life is short, you had a good time, there was minimal damage to both your family and his. It sounds like you do enjoy the attention of other men, why not be frank with your husband and see if he is agreeable to an open marriage? That way there'd be no harm no foul. Don't beat yourself up too much. Life is short, enjoy it!

Mr Wiseguy wrote at 2011-08-24 04:23:23
well,,in my opinion, you are not ready to get married in first place,,see, love is about commitment, especially love within marriage,,and if you said you love your husband very much, and you can still able to love other man in the same time, then you are completely liar,,it showed that you are not mature enough to keep your feeling (or lust in my point of view) to only one person, your husband,,you are lucky your husband can forgave you, although maybe the situation will be a little awkward,,and now, i think you must do everything to convince your husband that you will never do this again,,

you should be ashamed to your self,,and your baby,,

FORTUNA wrote at 2011-12-19 21:29:36
I had a fiancee cheat on me during her pregnancy and then she broke up with me, to be honest, from a guy and father's point of view there is nothing more disgusting than a woman who cheats while pregnant - I walked away from it and did not accept the child, think of it like this; everytime you kiss your son / daughter, you know that another man soiled him / her before birth.

You would really have to love your children to deal with that reality.

After her coming home at midnight, night after night and lying to me and becoming increasingly nasty to me and then reviling me, well the child was offered to me with great hostility - would you like to be a dad on saturday afternoon to a child that was soiled by infidelity before birth ? I doubt, not me, definitely not.

Kiss the baby ?? Nope. No way.

Accept it, um probaby not.

Trust her with your next child, family & future ? Nope.

Ac wrote at 2012-06-06 23:20:40
There is nothing as disgusting as a woman who cheats while she is pregnant.  As to why you did it - you are a selfish, self centered skank. Quite simple really. I just feel sorry for your husband and child, they deserved so much better than you

you-make-me-hate-humanity wrote at 2012-12-14 14:53:51
I think you're a despicable person.  You frequently say "I didn't know what I was doing".  You knew exactly what you were doing.  You could just as easily have not given in to the tempation.  You behaved like a child who thinks they deserve to get whatever they want.  Your husband gave you no reason nor justification to cheat, you even said yourself your relationship was good both sexually and socially.  What you did is inexcusable, disgusting, and just plain selfish.  You don't even seem to think what you did was wrong.  You talk about it like it was nothing.  You ask "why you did it", when really you know exactly why you did it.  You wanted sex, you didn't care that it was wrong, and so you just did it.  We all encounter people in our lives we want to have sex with.  The fact of the matter is you agreed to be in a relationship, and therefore gave up the chance to do those things (unless you had agreed to have an open relationship).  You were also pregnant with your husbands child, while letting another man into that most intimate part of you.  Disgusting!  The answer above is just as bad, it doesn't even address that WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG.

Adam wrote at 2013-03-27 02:23:41
It's amazing to me, all the people trying to justify your horrible actions. Not only did you ruin your husbands trust after all those years, you are also a shining example of why most men wont trust women. You should feel EXTREMELY guilty and I hope you spend the rest of your life suffering for what you did to someone you were supposed to love.

You are the definition of a horrible, untrustworthy skank. Once a cheater, always a cheater, as you proved.

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