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Adultery/I cheated while drunk. Do I tell my husband?


shmueltzvy wrote at 2014-05-27 01:09:45
What benefit to your husband in knowing this?  None!  You might think you'll feel less guilty, but the deed has been done.  Don't risk your marriage for an unnecessary confession.  Just resolve to be careful in the future.  


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I can answer questions relating to adultery and the problems leading up to such an event. I can assist with issues arising from separation and it's effects on the family. I can give guidance regarding how to steer your marriage towards reconciliation and avoid what is today such an easy option, divorce.


I have worked as a Cognitive behaviour therapist for over fifteen years. I have suffered a marital separation and have been the victim of adultery and know too well how this affects a person's mental and physical well being. I understand the feelings of helplesness and dispair and can give practical advice on how to move forward.

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