I recently got married, I am 46 and never married before. I feel my relationship with god is different now and I wanted to do things right. 2 kids are grown and one still at home. I feel good and healthy and was lacking companionship. I think I made a mistake, according to gods word I should stay married. I don't want to and I am not happy, usually I am always smiling and than past month not much. Can you give me any advice?

Hi Mary,

I get where you are and understand your unhappiness entirely.

Mary, I could go and give you a long explanation of why marriages often end up making people feel more and more unhappy. Actually there is only one root cause. There are lots of symptoms, but there is only ever one root cause.

The fundamentals of the root cause are all explained in a book and I am going to share a link with you to where you can read the first chapter of this book for free. If it resonates with you, I would recommend that you then go on to buy a different book first. The different book, takes the root cause I mentioned and explains how it results specifically in unhappiness in marriages - and more importantly, what you can do to change it.

So here is the link to the free chapter. Real Love and PCSD

If the information in this free chapter makes you sit up and think, then I recommend that you purchase this book first.Real Love in Marriage

When you have read either, feel free to come back here any time and ask me questions to clarify what you are now learning.

Good luck


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