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Adultery/attracted to white men!


this concerns a friend of mine, she's 22 years old, works in a pvt firm and is married to a 23 year old accounts manager. she has been a close friend of mine for years. recently she confided in me that she is attracted to white[ i mean white race]men. while this would have been her choice, to wed a white man, here in India a girl is rarely allowed to chose her mate, especially in Hinduism. so she had to consent to marry a Hindu boy of our caste.
the problem began when she started having online chat with a friend of mine who had worked in India for a time. he told me of it and said she seems to be hitting on him but i took it casually. later however it was clear that she wants him as she went after him like anything when he was in India recently.
then recently she has confided in me that she had sex with him on many occasions. this man also confessed to me when i asked him but stated that a man can resist a persistent woman for only a time and than...
she wants to settle down with him as she can't continue living a lie with her husband[who by the way isn't helping by running after money and give no importance to family] she has asked for advice as she trusts me a lot. i don't know what to say. please help me in advising her


My advice for you, Krishna, is to mind your own business. Don't get tangled up in the affairs of other people. They won't appreciate you for it. And you have nothing to gain either.

My advice for the friend is to be true to herself. If she wants to end her marriage and be with other people, do that. If she values her family, reputation, vows, and marriage, she needs to commit to that. It's really very simple. When you go against your values, you are unhappy. Be true to yourself.


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