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Adultery/Mid Life Crisis Wife


For the last 2 years my now 48 years old had been living a midlife crisis (diagnosed by her therapist at the time and my own different therapist at the time, plus all I had read about it)....We had been married for 24 years with an almost 21 year old son.   She had even had an emotional affair (she said that it had not become physical but who know).  I had learned to give her space, to not being attached, to not have expectations, avoid fighting, etc, etc.  We do not have a marriage life (we had live for more than 10 years separate due my job but I used to travel frequently and have a marriage life with her until she drop the bomb).  Now I do not even know if she come back from the MLC if we are going to be able to rebuilt what had been burned.  I do not even find good reasons to stay with her.   Do you know of real good reasons a marriage should survive if there are no small children and after adultery and a Midlife Crisis?  Do people from Midlife crisis return to their marriages faithfully?

Thank you

Hello HT,

It sounds like your marriage has been over for some time. If you don't have a good reason to stay, why stay?

Every relationship is different. Some can reunite after conflict (any conflict, a midlife crisis is not special). Some can't. You both have to be committed to rebuilding something worth having. It doesn't sound like that is the case so perhaps it's time for acceptance.


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