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Observation Wheel
Observation Wheel  
An observation wheel is being modeled after the London Eye (shown below on the right). The new observation wheel will measure 425 feet in diameter and carries up to 800 passengers in 32 capsules. It turns continually, making one full rotation every 20 minutes and is 3 feet above the ground.

The question is "Write an equation for the central angle "theta" in terms on time "t" in radians per minute."

All we really need to know is that the wheel revolves in one full circle in 20 minutes. A full circle is 2pi radians, so the rate of rotation is 2pi per 20 minutes or at a rate of 2pi/20 = pi/10 rad/sec. Therefore theta = (10/pi)t.


P.S. It looks like you may have more questions regarding this observation wheel. Please try to work them out and if you get stuck, ask me again and send along the work you've done so I can help guide you.

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