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Hello there - I would like to sell an electronic item on the web site. I have the pro-trader account and make the $19.99 extra fee to sell unlimited items.

If I make a sale on - a fee of 10% is charged. If I want to transfer the cash in to my bank account there is an extra charge of 5% transfer fee on the balance I choose to transfer.

So, if I listed an electronic item for $22.15 including postage and packing, after 10% commission fee what would the balance in my account be?

And if I wanted to transfer my - after 5% commission fee - what would the funds be in my bank account?

From my calculations, I get $20.00 after the 10% commission and 5% fee. Is this correct? if not, please provide me a formula to use.

Thank you.

I'm sorry I am not familiar with, I don't see how the 19.99 extra fee is related to your question.

Nevertheless if you sell something for $22.15 the 10% commission would be $2.22 (assuming they round up from $2.215). These would leave you with $19.97. To transfer this to your bank the 5% commission would be $1.00 leaving you with $18.97 in your bank.

If you want a formula, just take the amount you sell something for and divide it by 1.155 to see how much is left in your bank account. If if you want a certain amount in your bank account, multiply it by 1.155 to see how much you have to sell.

For example 1.155*20=23.10 so you need to see something for $23.10 to end up with a net of $20 in your bank.

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