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hello there - i am a college student. i will be marked on three assignments.

1. a workbook worth 50%
2. 2 class tests worth 20%
3. assignment worth 30%

so far, i have taken the 2 class tests. the result for test 1 is 6 out of 20 and the result for test 2 is 10 out of 20.

so can you please tell me what is my current overall score? and how much more marks i need to pass the module - which is as 40%.

is there a formula to work of the score? if so how?

please advise.
thank you.

Hi Craig,
Well, in the two class tests you have a score of 6+10 out of 20+20 which is
These class tests only weigh 20% in the overall grade and so your performance only gets you
16/40 x 20% = 8%

If you require 40% of the overall score to pass the module then you need 40% - 8% = 32% more.

Now, if you get fractional scores of a/b and c/d respectively in the workbook and assignments respectively, then you get an additional
(a/b x 50%) + (c/d x 30%)
and this percentage should be at least 32% to pass the module.

Another way to say it is that
(a/b x 50%) + (16/40 x 20%) + (c/d x 30%)
must be at least 40% to pass the module.


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