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Hello, Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
I'm studying for my ACTS (hoping to get a perfect or near-perfect Math score!)

The question is:
Using a graphing calculator, find the equation for the linear regression line for the data below. It also asks me to express the slope and y-intercept to the nearest tenth.

The data is:

My ACT prep booklet has tons of worksheets/practice, but it only has an answer key; it doesn't say how it got the answer. I was hoping you could show me the answer to this question and then how you got it. Thank you, I appreciate your guidance, Reggie

To solve this problem you need to be familiar with the formulas for a least squares fit line. In other words, you need a text or course notes that explain them. It's not that difficult, and I could reproduce them here, but if you want to really learn it, I recommend that you get a text book (or Wikipedia) so nothing is lost in translation. Good luck.

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