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QUESTION: Thanks for helping,

At the bottom of this page;

A x Z =  30,689.180237576

But we only know the "approximate" values for A and Z.

How can we arrange the equations in order to find the "exact" values for A and Z ?

ANSWER: If AZ=30,689.180237576 then divide both sides by Z and you will have an exact value for A and vice versa for Z

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Am I missing something because;

Dividing  30,689.180237576  by an approximate Z  just gives an approximate  A

We need the  "exact"  values for  A  and  Z


Hi, yes you are missing something here.
The number pi which is equal to the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter of a circle is represented by the pi symbol and as such is exact. When you say it is approximately 3.14 it is not exact. The same with the square root of 2. It is exact written with the square root symbol but when put into the calculator it's approximate value is 1.414 but it's exact value is the square root of 2.

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