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Smartphone with Multiple Display Units
Smartphone with Multip  
QUESTION: Dear Prof Scott

As attached in the figure,

The Smartphone / Cell Phone Device instead of one will have two display units for viewing simultaneously . Both or One display window can be activated / deactivated with push buttons on the device. The Second rectangle has a door which can be closed and opened on the main display and is overlapped.

The touchscreen / keypad model will be shared with both the display units. i.e. common keys, push buttons.

As a example,

On default first window a Game is played, while on the second window, user is checking his mail box.

Do you feel, if this design (Smartphone and Cell Phone) is constructed, can this be useful to the consumer ?.

If not, can you suggest some design changes which may be liked by the consumers ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I do not feel that this would be useful to most people.

That is because most people (including me) have problems dealing with more than one conversation at the same time.  This would not be two conversations, but it would add something to the conversation at the time it was active.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Smartphone with Multiple Display Units
Smartphone with Multip  
QUESTION: Dear Prof Scott

Thank you.

As attached in the figure,

Do you feel a triple display unit can also be manufactured ?.

Added one more display window on the left to make it a triple display unit. The Left , Main/Middle and Right window. All three windows can be activated / deactivated with push buttons. The Left and Right window will be overlapped on Main / Middle Window when closed.

Power switches for left and right window activation / deactivation provided on the main/middle window.

The smartphone, cellphone device will be folded when the consumer is travelling.

The touchscreen / keypad model will be shared with all the three display units. i.e. common keys, push buttons.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

With any technology, it's getting to the point that if it's thought of, it can be done.
The current cell phone that I have has tiny little plastic covers on the left and right.
One is for charging, one is for hooking to the internet, one is for hooking to the computer.

Without to much work, these could just as easily be put into the side panels that are shown in the figure.  To make this even better, what about making those two side panels a covering for the cell phone that unfolded into the figure shown.

The way progress is going, we may soon have to be really careful with out fingers so we are.
I mean, we might have one device that
 opened the garage door,
 turned on the outside lights,
 unlocked the front door,
 caused our bed to get warm,
 started the furnace,
 filled the tub,
 opened something,
 filled the thingamajig,

In fact, I see a device that has a screen.  For the garage, there would be a button for the lights, a button for the garage door, a button for the small door on the side, a button for the cabinets, etc.

For the house, there could be a button for lights, one for locks, one for heaters, ...
for the lights, it would list out the rooms; for the locks, it would list out the doors;
for the heaters, it would list out the rooms; ...

For the cabinets, there would be one for each cabinet, one for the TV (which now has the radio on it), one for the kitchen cupboards, ...

For the furnace, there would be one for when to turn it on, one for when to turn it off, one to set the temperature, ...

For the bathtub, there could be one for how much hot water, one for how much cold water, one for the heater that is built in, one for how intense the light is to be, ...

you know, the things that could be put in one remote are getting to be endless ...

it reminds me of a recent movie known as, 'Click it.'  Seen it?

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