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A manufacturer keeps track of her monthly costs by using a cost function that assigns total cost for a given number of manufactured items,x. The function is given by C(x)=5,000+1.3x.

A. Can any value be in the domain for this function? What is the domain?

B. If costs must be kept below 10,000 this months, what is the greatest number of items she can manufacture?


No,  you can't make a negative number of items or a fraction.  The domain is positive integers , 1,2 , 3 ....


You want C(x) = 5,000 + 1.3x < 10,000

1.3x < 5,000

x < 5,000/1.3

x < 3846.15

x must be the biggest whole number less than 3846.15 , so x is 3846.

The largest number of items that can be manufactured is 3846  

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