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I don't know if you can answer this question about a chart of calling times which I have attached. The decimals represent time, e.g. 5.5 = 5.30am, etc. In the boxes at bottom I have inserted the formula for "average" and it works as far as the bottoms of columns A-D. Column E, bottom, is the average for columns A-D, and Column E, next to bottom is the average for column E. But here's the problem: when I insert a number into column E, it doesn't affect the bottom right (bolded) column. How do I get it so that all the bottom boxes each reflect the average for that column, and to make a separate box somehow that reflects the average for all columns. So for instance if I insert a number into the "Friday" column, the average in the E bottom box will reflect it? Thanks!

The bolded cell calculates the average of the bottom-row figures from columns A through D, but omits the average from Column E. That is why it does not update when you enter data in column E. You can change the formula to include E, but I question whether that is the result you want.

By averaging the bottom-row figures, you are taking the average of averages, which is not an accurate picture of the data. It gives Wednesday, which has only 3 data points, the same weight as Friday, which has 12 data points.

If you wish to calculate the average over all the data, the formula will look something like this:
and the cell must be sited outside the data area.

For style and consistency, the average for column E should appear on the same row as the other column averages.


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