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Sophia has found a hatbox in her grandmother's attic. She decides to cover the inside and outside of the box, but not the lid, and use it to decorate her bedroom. What is the area of the surface Sophia needs to cover?

- The answer that I got was 4050.6 cm^2
 I originally got 2025.3, but I multiplied that by 2 because it said she wanted to decorate the "inside" and the "outside", but I'm not so sure.

You need to tell me the dimensions of the box. If I know the diameter and height, then

- the outside = circular part + bottom

circular part = (area of circle)・height of box = { pi・(diameter/2)^2 }・height

bottom = (area of circle) = { pi・(diameter/2)^2 }

- inside area = outside area

- total area = outside + inside = 2・outside  <- which you already figured

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