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1.)A box of a mass at rest on a flat surface: a 10kg mass sits on the floor. What is the normal force acting on the box?

2.)A box of mass is bieng pulled horizontally

a) but not moving
A 10kg box is bieng pulled across the floor by a 5N force. If the u is 0.4, is the box moving

b) moving with a constant velocity
What does the applied force need to be to move the 10kg box across the floor wit a constant velocity if the uk is still 0.3

C) accelerating
If we change surfaces so the box (10kg) now accelerates at 0.5m/s^2 with a 35 N force pulling on the box, what is the u

The normal force of a mass sitting on a level surface would be F = mg = (10kg)(9.8m.s^2) where g is the acceleration due to gravity.

To answer the other questions, please define u and uk. I could guess but it is better to use the definitions you have.

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