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Hello.  I am looking for a present for my brother's 50th birthday.  He has always loved math - especially number theory - and he spent his free time in childhood deriving various theorems.  He graduated with honors in math from Harvard, but then switched into medicine.  Math is still his first love, but he has little time to keep up with it. What I would love to find for him is a math journal that is for lay people, but one that would be sophisticated enough to be of interest to him - some sort of digest akin to "Scientific American." I'm not looking for just a puzzle book for the general public, but I am also not looking for something too technical that only people in the field with more time to devote to math would be able to understand.  Does such a journal exist? Or is there an interesting book or two that you would recommend? I appreciate your time!!!

I would recommend the American Math Monthly (assuming you are in the US). It's as close to popular/general interest and has problems, diversions, history, and mathematics.

If that's too mathy, there is a less mathy option called Horizons, which is geared more to students but is still very interesting to a general audience (but less daunting than some of what is in the Monthly).

If books are also a good option, I would recommend something by Martin Gardiner or Frank Morgan. There are many puzzle/discussion books by these two (and others).

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