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Dear Prof Randy's_laws_of_motion‎‎

Example : Rocket launching is example of Sir Issac Newton's
Third Law of Motion.

Examples :

1. Train running at 300 km/hr speed may get derailed by applying Sudden Brakes manually by motorman or automated.

2. Automobile viz Car, Truck etc is moving at 150 km/hr speed. Human Beings sitting in the automobile experience a forward push when sudden brakes are applied by the driver.

i.e. Body having mass moving at maximum speed is suddenly brought
to rest by applying resist force (apply brakes).

The above two examples best illustrates which Sir Issac Newton's three Laws of motion, Law of conservation of momentum etc ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1. The deceleration of a train due to the application of the brakes is an example of Newton's 2nd law, which says that a body accelerates when a force is applied (F = ma). I'm not sure how/why this translates into a derailment.

2. The forward "push" experienced by rider is really the fact that person's inertia tends to keep their speed constant while the car is slowing down. This is Newton's 1st law.

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