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Advanced Math/Analog Clock Design - Anticlockwise motion.


Dear Prof Janet‎

The 12 hour Analog Clock design attached in the figure will also
work ?. The seconds dial will move in anticlockwise direction.

The clock time displayed in the image can be interpreted as
2 hours : 50 minutes.

Similarly 24 hour clock will have 0-23 dials. the 0-23 dials will be in respectively as attached in the figure.

If such clocks are designed and manufactured by clock manufacturers will it be accepted by the consumers ?.

Do the above design has any flaws ?. Counterclockwise motion will be not accepted by the consumers because clockwise design looks more perfect design among the two ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Clockwise motion did not become the standard because of any design superiority over counter-clockwise. The 12-hour, clockwise dial was adopted because it mimics the progress of the shadow around a sundial. It may not be any more correct than a 24-hour, counter-clockwise dial, but it serves the purpose. Consumers would not accept a radically different design unless it provided some benefit over the standard.

It would be like printing a map with north is at the bottom. The choice of north as up may be arbitrary, but it is the standard. I doubt people would buy maps where the only difference is that Tierra del Fuego is at the top.

There already exist twelve-hour analog clocks that move counter-clockwise, but they are sold as novelties and joke items. I have never seen an actual such clock, which tells me that the market must be very small.

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