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Advanced Math/Analog Clock Design - Anticlockwise motion.


Analog Clock Design
Analog Clock Design  
Dear Prof Scott‎

The 12 hour Analog Clock design attached in the figure will also
work ?. The seconds dial will move in anticlockwise direction.

The clock time displayed in the image can be interpreted as
2 hours : 50 minutes.

Similarly 24 hour clock will have 0-23 dials. the 0-23 dials will be in respectively as attached in the figure.

If such clocks are designed and manufactured by clock manufacturers will it be accepted by the consumers ?.

Do the above design has any flaws ?. Counterclockwise motion will be not accepted by the consumers because clockwise design looks more perfect design among the two ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I don't think most people will accept them.

For the counterclockwise clocks, many people have a difficult time reading things backwards.

For the 24 hour clocks, most people would have trouble determining what the hour was.  Even if all of the hours were put on the clock, it would take most people a lot of time to determine where exactly the hour hand was pointing.

Currently, clocks can be read from a distance.  If there were 24 hours put on one clock, trying to determine which hour was appropriate would require the clock to be viewed at a much closer range.

What I think is the way to go is to recognize that with the technology we have today, hands on clocks are no longer required.  It is much easier to read if a clock displays the time numerically.  There is also no chance at all of the clock ever being read in error.  I mean, the hour is almost always read correctly, but for the minute, people would not need to worry about a difference of one or two minutes, for it would say exactly what minute it was.

At many jobs around the world for many years, time has been done electronically.  It was done with punch cards, so perhaps someone could get leave early and get someone else to do their punch card, but now it is done electronically in many places with a bar code on their security badge.

As far as how long it took me to respond, the computer could keep track down to the millisecond, yet still only gives the response in minutes.

A question for you is at races, they use to have people with a stopwatch keep track, but now they can do it electronically.  Yet even so this is the way it is done, how many places actually do it that way?

As something of interest, on a certain game show where the spelling of words is guessed, they converted to showing the letters with a computer.  Due to the objection of most viewers, the show quickly found out that most viewers didn't like this.  To keep their ratings up, they went back to hiring someone to go around and touch the letters as they lit up.

As an odd thing to interject, how many people do you know that can rub their head and pat their tummy?  I'm one, but there are very few others.  Or how about tapping your fingers from thumb to pinky and back again?  Yeah, I'm someone that can do that.  In fact, I can even tap one hands fingers back and forth while tapping the other hand only one way.  There are other strange things I do, like memorize scripture.  At one point, I have memorized Genesis 1 (creation of the world), Exodus 20 (the ten commandments), Psalm 1 (good for those who do good and bad for those who do bad), Psalm 23 (the Lord is my Shepherd who takes care of me), Psalm 150 (rejoice), John 1 (genealogy of Christ from Adam to Joseph), Matthew 5-7 (sermon on the mount), each chapter in Ephesians (how to live), and hundreds of individual verse.

Then again, maybe I'm just straying off track again ...

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