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I am trying to figure out the correct format for this equation for an excel spreadsheet that is also going to be a graph.
I need to figure out how fast the population would decline if we were to start eating people.
people would be converted into wafers which would cause a 95% loss of calories.
one person is 350000 calories, and 5% of that is 17500 calories. Which means one wafer contains 17500 calories, which can feed 8.75 people pertaining to a 2000 calorie diet.
I need to put all of this in an equation and im just lost at how to format it

Hi, I am going to answer this question from a purely mathematical approach and I hope it helps. If you still need help with the excel spreadsheet I highly recommend Scott for that.

Let n = the number of days the population can exist under the conditions given, then  y (n) - (y (n)/8.75) = y (n-1) where y (n) is read y sub n and y sub n is the initial population on day 1 and hence y (n-1) is the new population on the 2nd day. You will count down n days because that is when you can no longer feed the population to itself.

y (n-1) - (y (n-1)/8.75)=y (n-2) the new population on day 3
y (n-2) - (y (n-2)/8.75)=y (n-3) the new population on day 4
y (1)-(y (1)/8.75)=y (0) the population on the day when the population can no longer feed itself

I hope this makes sense to you.

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