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Advanced Math/need help isolating i


QUESTION: Hi - been a long time since I've done this and honestly I can't figure it out - This is a formula to size a storage in computers.  Basically I have all of the values except for i, however i is all mixed in with the formula - wondering if you could somehow get the formula into an "i=......" structure - here it is...

f = (((i)(n)(w)) / p) + ( ((i)(n)) / (r))

Thanks so much!!!!

ANSWER: f = i(nw/p+n/r)
This I =  f/(nw/p + n/r)

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QUESTION: That is great!  Thank you so much - are you able to do the same thing except isolate n this time?

ANSWER: n = f/[(iw)/p+(I/r)]

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QUESTION: very awesome!  Just found out thought that I posted the question wrong - instead of dividing by r i mean a multiple by r.  like this

f = (((i)(n)(w)) / p) + ( (i)(n)(r) )

I need to isolate n - I wish I could remember how to do this!  You though, have been a massive help - are you able to just solve the above for n - thanks...

You use the same process....
You have so many unnecessary parentheses. An equivalent expression is:
f = inw/p + inr
Notice each of the terms has an 'n' in it so we factor out the n
f = n(iw/p) + n(ir)
f = n(iw/p + ir)
Now all you need to do to both sides of the formula is divide by (iw/p + ir)
f/(iw/p + ir) = n(iw/p + ir)/(iw/p + ir)
leaving you with n by itself on the right side because (iw/p + ir)/(iw/p + ir) = 1
So n = f/(iw/p + ir)

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