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I am interested in learning an alternative solution to the following:

Two people share $49,500 in a ratio of 8 to 7.  How much each person get?


8/15 X $49,500 = $26,400

7/15 X $49,500 = $23,100

Do you know of a somewhat simple solution that does not use "12" to determine the answers?

I thank you for your reply.

Hi, I would set the problem with unknowns and write a proportion and solve it.
Let x =the amount for 7 and 49500-x be the amount for 8 getting
x/(49500-x) = 7/8
Cross multiply getting 8x = 7(49500-x) or
8x = 346,500-7x
15x= 346,500
x= 346,500/15
x= 23,100 and 49,500-23,100=26,400

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