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What is you idea of a ratio?  For example, is 2 paper clips to 5 ink pens a ratio of a rate?
If it is thought of as 2 paper clips per 5 ink pens, then is it a rate? I'm confident to indicate that 2 paper clips to 5 paper clips is a rate.

I know that a rate is a ratio with unit of measurements: 20 miles per gallon.

I thank you for your reply.

Hi Kenneth~
A ratio is a comparison of two quantities, so for every 2 paper clips there are 5 ink pens and also indicates how many times the first number 2 goes into the 2nd number 5. A unit rate has a 1 in the denominator or a:1 or a to 1 where a is just some number or quantity. 2 paper clips to 5 paper clips is NOT a rate because rates compare in a ratio two different units of measure like x miles to y gallons of gas to paper clips and paper clips are the same unit of measure.
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