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I have a question that I hope you can answer. This is not a homework question. I am not a student.

I want to solve the following by using a proportion, but I'm not sure what units to use on one side of the equal sign.

Two partners, A and B, share $1000.00 in a ratio of 2:3. How much does each get?

I know that one side of the proportion will have dollars as the units, but I do not know what units will be on the other side of the proportion.  Can you explain?

?/? = $/$1000.00

Answers: Partner A: $400.00; Partner B: $600.00.

I thank you for your reply.

Actually the ratio will have no units (it will be $/$).

You get two equations:

$A + $B = $1000.


The first equation has unites of dollars on both sides, the second equation has none (it is "dimensionless", just an equality between two numbers.

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