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Can you recommend a good book for complex variables (not complex analysis)? I have my undergrad in math, but am taking this course now for fun, really, and unfortunately, I'm not doing well. The book we're using is Complex Variables and Applications by Brown & Chuchill. When the class is over, I'd like to reteach myself, but I don't like this book. The reason is that all exercises and problems are proof based, and I can't stand proofs (I'm bad at them and think they have little to no value). So is there a good book with applications where the problems/exercises are more calculation based, so that they help me apply the theories as opposed to stating why they're true? Thanks.

Try Schaums' Outline for Complex Variables (and Analysis). These books can teach you a lot if you do the exercises. The main text is very terse, of course, with minimal proofs (except in some of the exercises), but serves as a good reference for the concepts and formulas.

Another, good book (older), which I cut my teeth on, is Advanced Calculus for Applications by F. Hildebrand. Lots of other stuff besides complex analysis, but it does a clear, thorough job.

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