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Advanced Math/statement argument question


statement-should job be linked with academic degrees and diplomas
argument-1)no importance of higher education will be diminshed.
argument is follow  or not follow??
answer-1)only 1 follow
2)none follow
question 2)statement-should religion be banned?
argument-1)yes it develops fanaticism in people.
argument-2)no religion binds people together.
answer-1)both follow
2)none follow
3)either 1 or 2 follow
4)only 1 follow
5)only2 follow

The higher degree a person gets, the better they are able to understand more complicated analysis.  I have a Master's Degree in Mathematics, so I offer assistance in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Story Problems, Differential Equations, and whatever else I am asked.

Usually my responses are short, but that is because they are only math.  Religion is a whole other subject, and I know a whole lot more of it than math.  To be specific, I know that Christianity is the only valid religion.  It is the only religion in which the true God sent his one and only Son to give up his life on the cross for you and me.  He then arose and went to heaven to offer salvation to each and every person through history.  As is found in the Bible in the book of Romans, chapter 6, verse 23, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."  In other words, don't look at the people attending church to decide whether or not to attend, but seek God.

When I was a baby in 1963, God was with me.  I happened to be in the hospital for a check-up when they found out I had spinal meningitis.  If my parents had gotten to the hospital a few days earlier, they wouldn't have found it.  If my parents had gone a few days later, I would have died first.  The main reason I am here is my mom's prayers.

When I was in high school, I was a distance runner.  For some unknown reason a few of us were doing the high jump.  At the incredible height of 4' (to me anyway), I arched my back and went over backwards like I had seen them do on TV, but when I came down, my knee went into my mouth.  The coach looked at me and saw the three of my front teeth were dangling and almost ready to come out.  It happened to be on the same day the orthodontist was in town (he's there one day each week).  The injury would have been a lot worse if the band for my braces were still in my mouth, but the Orthodontist had just removed them.  Fortunately the clamps were still on my teeth, so it was easy to put another band back in and hold in the three teeth that were dangling.  Thanks, God, for everything being in the right place at the right time.

When I was 23, there was a car accident I was in.  People from my church set up a 24-hour prayer vigil outside my room for over three weeks while I was in a coma.  The people had to pray in the hall since they couldn't enter my room.  I woke up on the third Sunday I was in a coma when I was prayed for in church.  It is a fact that I am still here because of the people praying, but a more important reason is my mom was also praying for my recovery.

Once when I was in my 40's at the store, God informed me to wait a few more minutes before returning to my car.  I was trying to figure out what to get when God then told me to leave.  As I went out the door, I heard the screeching of car tires in the parking lot.  I realized if I had left any sooner, I would have been hit by that car, for he went right in front of where my car was parked.  It would have hit me either before I had gotten in the car or after I had got in my car and started to drive away.

Since the year 2,000, I haven't taken any aspirin for my headaches, for the pain disappears much faster as I pray and thank God for removing it.  I tried taking aspirin once, but the headache stayed around for hours and was finally taken away when I spent time in prayer.

Since the year 2,002, I have not used any foot spray on my feet.  Up until then, I used it now and then to reduce itching, but now I don't need to.  When my feet start itching, I start praying, and it always stops.  Most the time it stopped in under five minutes or less.

I have had cramps in my legs form which made walking difficult.  The church I attend prays for people every week and for many years have had miraculous healings every week.  I told them of my feet, and the pain was taken away.

I have had numerous pains in my body that disappeared when I began praying for them.
Prayer works much faster than aspirin, so when I am sick, I pray, my headaches vanish.
Prayer works much faster than foot spray, so when my feet itch, I pray, my feet stop itching.
Granted, there are a few pills I do take that the doctor has prescribed, but I am still thankful for the ways that he has healed me.

Whenever something significant happens in my life, my head gets a warm fuzzy feeling as God is just reminding me to really take note of it.  In fact, it is happening again right now as I am writing this letter.

My body has been under Satan's attack many times in my life, but God is always there to take me through and let me live.  I have had so many miracles happen to me that I can only remember most of the important ones.  They only thing God lets me do is just give Him thanks - each day - every hour - throughout time - and I'll get to do it for eternity.

Since we have been giving over 10% or our income to church, we have had numerous bills paid and many that didn't occur.  There have been instances where we thought we had to pay, but for one reason or another, they said we didn't have to.  I know it is God's hand.

So, if you try and ban religion, just know that when you die, God will allow you to be in eternal torment - forever - and ever - without end.  It's worse waiting for the doctor that never shows up, waiting for the school bus that never gets there, looking for an umbrella and only finding more rain, being hungry and having no food, showing up somewhere and realizing you took off you PJs and forgot to get dressed, and facing your biggest fears - all at once.

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I can answer any question in general math, arithetic, discret math, algebra, box problems, geometry, filling a tank with water, trigonometry, pre-calculus, linear algebra, complex mathematics, probability, statistics, and most of anything else that relates to math. I can also say that I broke 5 minutes for a mile, which is over 12 mph, but is that relevant?


Experience in the area; I have tutored people in the above areas of mathematics for over two years in I have tutored people here and there in mathematics since before I received a BS degree back in 1984. In just two more years, I received an MS degree as well, but more on that later. I tutored at OSU in the math center for all six years I was there. Most students offering assistance were juniors, seniors, or graduate students. I was allowed to tutor as a freshman. I tutored at Mathnasium for well over a year. I worked at The Boeing Company for over 5 years. I received an MS degreee in Mathematics from Oregon State Univeristy. The classes I took were over 100 hours of upper division credits in mathematical courses such as calculus, statistics, probabilty, linear algrebra, powers, linear regression, matrices, and more. I graduated with honors in both my BS and MS degrees. Past/Present Clients: College Students at Oregon State University, various math people since college, over 7,500 people on the PC from the US and rest the world.

My master's paper was published in the OSU journal. The subject of it was Numerical Analysis used in shock waves and rarefaction fans. It dealt with discontinuities that arose over time. They were solved using the Leap Frog method. That method was used and improvements of it were shown. The improvements were by Enquist-Osher, Godunov, and Lax-Wendroff.

Master of Science at OSU with high honors in mathematics. Bachelor of Science at OSU with high honors in mathematical sciences. This degree involved mathematics, statistics, and computer science. I also took sophmore level physics and chemistry while I was attending college. On the side I took raquetball, but that's still not relevant.

Awards and Honors
I earned high honors in both my BS degree and MS degree from Oregon State. I was in near the top in most of my classes. In several classes in mathematics, I was first. In a class of over 100 students, I was always one of the first ones to complete the test. I graduated with well over 50 credits in upper division mathematics.

Past/Present Clients
My clients have been students at OSU, people who live nearby, friends with math questions, and several people every day on the PC. I would guess that you are probably going to be one more.

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