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QUESTION: A box (pizza) having a square base is constructed from a rectangular piece of cardboard by removing 6 1-inch squares from corners and middle section(sides)and folding up sides.

Area of base - 144 in.^2.

Calculate dimensions of cardboard used.


ANSWER: You need to draw a picture for this one!

A 12×12×1 box requires a 27×14 sheet of cardboard.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Please post your solution. Thanks again.

pizza box
pizza box  
Suppose you want to make a square-base, open-top box from a square of cardboard by removing a 1-inch square from each corner and folding up the sides.

If the area of the base is 144 in², then each edge of the base is √144 = 12 inches long.
Since the sides will be 1 inch high, the cardboard must be 12+2(1) = 14 inches wide, and 14 inches long.

A pizza box is like two of these open boxes connected, except they share one 12×1 side. The cardboard must be 14 inches wide, and 2(14) - 1 = 27 inches long.

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