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Thank you for taking my question. I could really use some help with this question, I need to solve the initial value problem:

dy/dx=3*sin(x) and y=2 when x=0

Thank you again for your assistance, Clark

y(x) is obtained by integrating

y'(x) = 3sin(x)

to get

y(x) = -3cos(x) + C

where C is the "constant of integration". Note that, when y(x) is differentiated, this constant goes away. But it comes back when you integrate.

So far, the constant C is arbitrary. In order to determine the specific value of C, additional information for the problem is required. In this case, the initial condition, y(0) = 2, provides the needed info. So

y(0) = -3cos(0) + C = 2

=> -3 + C = 2     <-- since cos(0) = 1


C = 5


y(x) = -3cos(x) + 5.

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