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Hi Clyde - I know you wish to deal with higher mathematics.   However, I tried asking this question to all available "Basic Math" allexperts and none had the answer. Thus I thought I would kindly ask you.

I am in the process of deciding on which software engineer contractor to hire and am trying to determine the "yield" of each contractor.  For example, for the following contractor named MacBoosterR, he has stated that he will bid $13 on my project and has a rate of $4/hour.  I think that the yield in this case would be $13/$4 = 3.25 but am not certain. Could you confirm and if this is not the way to calculate yield, could give me show me how?

         Bid    Rate  Yield
MacBoosteR      13    4    3.25

Based on what you have said, a bid includes two pieces of information:

Total amount: $13

Rate: $4 / hour

The "yield" you are attempting to quantify seems to be the total number of hours.

Based on how units work, if you have a total dollar amount and the rate (in dollars per hour), you can divide:

  13 dollars
---------------------   =    3.25 hours
4 dollars/hour

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