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Hello sir

Sir i am not understanding the concept of percentage.Please try to explain clearly please.

Sir my question is If percent means per hundred then what is the meaning of 60% of 180.

Sir in this i have two confusion one is why do we do in pertcentage divided by hundred why no divided by 10 or 20 or 1000 or 10,000.

Sir my 2nd doubt as you mentioned above that questions should be straight forward.So please my question is 60% of 250 means 60/ 100 x 250 but here my confusion is 60% of 250 not 60% of 100 then why should we do divided by hundred

Sir if you feel uncomfortable to answer my 3 questiuons then can you please explain the concept of % clealy all its basdics and hopw formula came. Can you my age is 14 and HALF PLEASE TEACH AS MUCH CLEAR AS MY AGE LEVEL AND TEACH PLEASE BECAUSE THIS ONE CONCEPT IS IMPORTANT I LOOSE IT IT LOSES MY FUTURE PLEASE


Please please

Hello Apsara,
The first thing you need to know about percentages is that they are just a way of comparing two quantities to each other. So, 60% of 180 is just a number such that if you compare the size of that number with 180 it will be just like comparing 60 to 100. The way to calculate that number is given by (60/100) x 180 = 108.
This means that
60/100 = 108/180

To answer your second question, the division by 100 is simply a matter of accepted convention. If you want you can write the fraction as divided by any other number, 100 just seems very convenient. For instance,
60/100 = 6/10 = 12/20 = 600/1000 = 6000/10000
They all mean the same thing.

I believe that at this point my first answer should clear your third question. We divide by 100 because that is how the percentage is defined. 60% of 250 is that number that compares to 250 in the same way that 60 compares to 100. That is the reason.

I hope this helps you. Get back to me if anything is unclear.


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