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Hello sir

sir please dont reply it is out of my expertise because before morning in india i want this question if missed then one mark which important for enjterence i would loose my humble request to you please please please help me

Sir in fraction or rational no, denomminator should not cantain negative sign if there we should move it to numerator. But is law of exonent suppose the question comes -4 raised to -2 then we will apply the law a a raised to -m = a raied to m. then it would be 1 by -4 raised to 2. Then here  negative is in denominator but aacording to fraction or rational no. rule, minus shouldnot be in deno9minator. Then how this law is correct

Please if you dont understood the question read 5 to 6 ti,mes but please how ever you answer please it is the question for my future.


A fraction or rational number can have a negative sign top or bottom. -a/b = a/-b = - (a/b). You must be talking about a negative exponent. It is true that one must bring the factor to the numerator if the exponent is negative in the denominator. In your example -4 raised to -2 power, it would be -1/4 with the 4 raised to the 2nd power = -1/16. However if you had (-4) raised to the -2 power you would have 1/(-4) with the -4 raised to the 2nd power = 1/16.

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