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What is Normal Curve Equivalents?
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Normal Curve Equivalents (NCE)
Normal curve equivalents are a comparatively new normative measure developed as a uniform reporting method for Title I programs focusing on student improvement and growth. Although normal curve equivalents resemble percentile ranks in various ways, there are also fundamental differences which provide NCE's with certain distinct advantages in this type of research setting. If your reports contain normal curve equivalents, STS will be pleased to provide you with special interpretation guides or other assistance as you may require in utilizing the data.

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Normal Curve Equivalent Scores

A normal curve equivalent (NCE) allows meaningful comparison between different test sections within ISTEP+. For example, if a student receives NCE scores of 53 on the Reading test and 45 on the Mathematics test, you can correctly say that the Reading score is eight points higher than the Mathematics score.

NCEs are represented on a scale of 1 - 99. This scale coincides with the national percentile scale at 1, 50, and 99. NCEs have the advantage of being based on an equal-interval scale. That is, the difference between two successive scores on the scale is the same over all parts of the scale. This means that, unlike percentiles, you can average NCE scores to compare groups of students. You can also convert average NCEs to national percentiles for a more meaningful understanding of the scores. This is because NCEs and NPs have a consistent relationship.

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