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I'm from Mumbai, India. I've done my BFA course from Sir J. J. Institute of applied arts, Mumbai. Now I've almost three years of experience in advertising as an art director. My problem is that, I want to get ahead in my life, earn more. But now I've realized that with my current job profile I will never excel in my field. Because I lack enthusiasm about art from the beginning. Art is a thing which I can do well but I can't do it from my heart. My real passion lies in technology, gaming, mobile apps and gadgets. So my questions are:

1) I've heard that by doing MBA or some other course in a field which you like you can earn much higher than before. Is it wise for me to do such course?

2) If yes then what are the options which I should look for?

3) Is it worth going abroad for that study?

Thanks in advance.

We all walk many paths to seek what we truly want. It is tremendous that you have both the education and experience as an art director. I see that you are unsettled and looking for both larger compensation and in a role that you favour.

Seeing that you already have experience in one discipline will make you invaluable in any number of directions. Getting your MBA would be advantageous but I really wonder if that is where you want to put you time. I would love the opportunity to return to 󂔠school, but in Canada the cost is about $80,000 US dollars and therefore restrictive for me. But for you the investment may be worth considering. Study abroad is wonderful but again I would be concerned of the investment vs return.

I wonder if you might like working for an agency that specializes in technology, industry, etc or even a design agency like which is full of graphic designers, UI design, industrial designers, architects and more. Frog design is only one such place that has adopted a hybrid model for design solutions. Sort of a playground of design.

Returning to B school may be one option, but if you are any good in your roll as an art director, if you have marketable experience, then I would reach out to a firm like Frog Design and give that consideration. They have offices world wide so its a fine place to start.

Please let me know what you decide and if this note helped.

Best to your future,

Pete Gabany


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