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Hi Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions here. I'm writing to see if you have any advice for someone in my situation: I have two BAs, one in English and another in Communication, with a focus on advertising. I also have a Masters in Media from a top UK university. Following my graduation, I did an unpaid 6 month internship at a famous agency, and I am now about to finish a second internship in digital media. I want to get into planning, but no matter how many applications I send, I hardly ever hear back.

I do tailor my applications, do a lot of researcher on each company and make sure it shows in my cover letter. I live in a country with a very high unemployment rate, and a serious lack of meritocracy, so I understand not getting interviews here, but even when I apply for jobs in the UK, I still don't hear back.

Based on the info above, do you think there is anything I could do to make myself more appealing as a candidate?


Without knowing the content of your solicitation (cover letter, resume, etc) I really can't comment. How can I possibly tell you how to improve something that I haven't yet seen. The other part is that an Account Planner is a fairly Sr position in any agency in the UK, the home of Account Planning. To ONLY position yourself for that role will probably be answered with silence, your resume won't have the years of experience that warrants the position.

I would attempt to get into account coordination or an account executive and in the interview process apprise the prospect for your aspirations for being a planner.

If you wish, feel free to forward your info to I will get it and respond.

Also, you may be narrowing your view. Design agencies are desperate (at least in Canada) for solid account people and frankly if you prefer a stimulating creative atmosphere over the high pressures of advertising then might I recommend that you look at leading design agencies. I believe you will be surprised what you will find. Here's a favourite company.

I hope that this note inspires.



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