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Advertising/Skill Set For Older Job Applicant


Peter, I have worked in the printing and advertising industries for a over 25 years. As you can imagine alot has changed over the years as far as the use of computers and software programs. My current position leaves alot to be desired as far as job reviews and increases in pay. I have considered a job search. I am most fluent in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. My agency does not get involved in website design.

Two questions:

1. What software programs do you feel are most important for the job seeker to have experience with?

2. One may list on a resume that they are fluent in a program such as Indesign, yet I believe no one can really know an entire program because the features are vast. As a designer, you are most aware of features you use in your current or prior position. In other words, a designer using the program for magazine production may know things about the program that a person doing weekly sales flyers may not - Do prospective employers realize this or do they expect you know a program inside and out?

Many thanks in advance for your insite.


Answer 1. I believe now that you can list the Adobe Creative Suite because if you are familiar with one you are familiar with most of the others. But you can specifically include the key programs that you specialize in. But for Design and Advertising Agencies employers want to know where your specialty lies, not so much the applications you are familiar with.

If your strength is in editorial layout then say that, the addition that you know InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop ads to the credibility.

Answer 2. With any resume in this field, few pay attention to what is written. If the portfolio is fabulous the fact that you know specific programs is simply minutia and may cause a GOOD interviewer to delve deeper to find out your abilities to produce quickly.

When job hunting, pay particular attention to your portfolio and online portfolio. Make certain that your online (digital) portfolio is clean, concise and works showing project by project with highlights. If you can convert your portfolio to a website. No matter people's taste or desire for print, moving online is key in today's job environment and a game changer if you have any experience. Our Art Director of instance is a GREAT online designer with some basic coding skills. While he is NOT a programmer, he has the skills to speak to developers and get the design from mockup to actual web/app/iOS presence.

I hope that this helps. Best of luck, ask us more if you wish and thanks for your questions.



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