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I am developing a website, and I have been thinking about the advertising aspect of it, as it will be completed soon.  I will be offering a free service and a paid service.  The concept is that - many people will select the free version, but some will want the premium services and will convert.

I was thinking about choosing Facebook cpc because I have heard good things about it doing good targeting.

In thinking about what kind of ad I should run, I was thinking that I should go with the FREE concept and stick to my theory of free to paid conversion.  

However, I really want people who are interested in paying, so I am wondering if I should place facebook ads directed at potential paying customers, because what if I get lots of free people and get no one interested in paying since that is what my ad is advertising.

I have no idea which way to go with this.  I usually figure things out, but I have been back and forth over what the best choice would be and I have no idea.

Do you have an opinion?

Hi Kee,

Firstly, congrats on the new business.

Now as far as your advertising issue goes, here's the thing... when people see free, hey're going to click. If this were a CPM campaign, that'd be a great thing because you'll want to get as much action / activity as possible.

However, when you're paying per click, you'll want to make sure you're getting only the most qualified traffic that'll be most likely to convert into cash paying customers (either right there on the spot or within the next few days).

The problem with using CPC to promote free is that the conversion will likely not happen within a week or month or maybe not even within the year and it gets extremely difficult to know which of your campaigns is working and you could end up pumping more cash into something that isn't or worse, scrapping a strategy that is.

Here's what I'd do:

Build two or three great landing pages promoting your paid service. A quick search on Google for something like "how to build landing pages that convert" should direct you to some helpful articles with tips on creating the best landing page for your product and market.

Set up an A/B test scenario where the two (or three) pages are competing against each other. This will let you know which page / design elements work and which don't so you can optimize effectively. This is a fairly simple set-up you can do with Google Analytics presuming you know your way around the Analytics platform.

Run your Facebook CPC campaign and monitor the campaign closely. Track everything religiously. Make sure you have Analytics code on the landing pages so you can see where the users are clicking once they get to your landing pages and most importantly, see which page(s) are converting best and why so you can join all those elements to create new, superior landing pages.

Now if you're bent on promoting your free services with CPC, you can do the same however I'd keep my spending limits far lower until I'm confident the advertising spend justifies the profits once the [free] visitors have had ample time to convert into paying customers.

Hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out again.


PS: Let's connect on LinkedIn, follow me on <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter<a> (from time to time I share business tips and interesting info) and keep me posted on what you decided to do and how it went. Best!

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