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Hi there,

I want to tone up my butt, thighs and legs.

I'm a 23 year old female, healthy, slim, a size 10-12 (British size) but I've got a bit of a pear shaped figure so I want to focus my exercises mainly on my lower body. I like stretches such as squats and doing reps, I also do 15 mins aerobic dance exercise around four days a week- sometimes more than 15 mins. Though I have been slacking lately due to being ill and loss of motivation.

I've had this figure for a long time and though I've lost weight gradually over the past few years my butt is still my problem area.

I have a small kid so time is precious and hard to come by to work out so I need advice on a short time period of harsh, effective reps that focus on the bum muscles, the glutes, the thighs, all the flabby bits. I want my buttocks raised and firmed. I want to have gotten down to a size 8-10 within three-four months, and I can do these exercises four days a week with some reps at night, every night of the week, if necessary. I just need to know what I'm doing. Is that do-able? I need advice and motivation. Once it becomes a routine in my day it'll make things so much easier.

Just to add, my diet is healthy, I don't eat sweets, carbs I can lower if you think it necessary though I don't eat much. I have vegetables and fruits and juices too. I don't eat junk food.

Hope you can help.

Hi Louise it sounds like you may want to pick up the cardiovascular exercises that you are doing which will help you reduce excess fatty tissue in your whole body (including buttocks).  There are many exercises that you can do to strengthen the gluteus muscles but you won't really reduce the size of your buttocks without reducing excess weight and fat.  You should increase the aerobic dance from 15 min/4 days/week to 30 min 4 days/week if you can.  Do strengthening exercises for your entire body (including buttocks) 3 days/week if you can fit it in.  

Check out this link for some rear end exercises

It sounds like you have your diet under control, if you reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise production, you will lose weight and body fat.  But of course you can't decide where the weight will come from, it will be an entire body change.

I hope this helps, thanks for the question!

Kim Farmer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist


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