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Hi there, I'm not sure if your expertise is aimed more towards men but any advice you can give, I'd be grateful.

Basically, I want to tone up my butt, thighs and legs.

I'm a 23 year old female, healthy, slim, a size 10-12 (British size) but I've got a bit of a pear shaped figure so I want to focus my exercises mainly on my lower body. I like stretches such as squats and doing reps, I also do 15 mins aerobic dance exercise around four days a week- sometimes more than 15 mins. Though I have been slacking lately due to being ill and loss of motivation.

I've had this figure for a long time and though I've lost weight gradually over the past few years my butt is still my problem area.

I have a small kid so time is precious and hard to come by to work out so I need advice on a short time period of harsh, effective reps that focus on the bum muscles, the glutes, the thighs, all the flabby bits. I want my buttocks raised and firmed. I want to have gotten down to a size 8-10 within three-four months, and I can do these exercises four days a week with some reps at night, every night of the week, if necessary. I just need to know what I'm doing. Is that do-able? I need advice and motivation. Once it becomes a routine in my day it'll make things so much easier.

Just to add, my diet is healthy, I don't eat sweets, carbs I can lower if you think it necessary though I don't eat much. I have vegetables and fruits and juices too. I don't eat junk food.

Hope you can help.

The best exercises, meaning the most effective and efficient, for the lower body are: lunges and squats.  Do forward lunges, alternating legs, and see how many you can do before you can't do anymore.  If you're able to do more than 15 (on each leg), slow down.  If you're still able to do over 15 on each leg, slow down even more (the next time you do it).   If you're still able to do over 15 on each leg, slow down again, even more, like you're moving in slow motion (the next time you do it).  You should be plenty tired after these.  Start off with 1 set 3 x weekly.  Then progress to 2 sets 3 x weekly.  Then progress to 3 sets (rest a minute or two between sets) 3 x weekly.  On your second and/or third sets, you may not be able to do as many reps. That's fine.  As long as you go to that point where you can't do anymore, and it's less than 15 reps (per leg).  When that gets easy, start holding some weight in your hands until you can't do more than 15 on each side.

Without knowing your diet, I can't comment on food intake. But, if you have more weight/fat on your body than you want, it helps to cut back on calories somewhere, and increase cardio exercise to burn more calories.  Remember, any where you can get extra activity in helps - stairs instead of lifts, park further away in parking lot when at stores, dancing during commercials when watching tele, etc.

Hope this gets you a head start... or a bum start!


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