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Aerobics/Abs , back and legs strengthening


I am 62 years old, have been diagnosed an herniated disc ( L5 ,S1)  2 years ago, surgery was not necessary, am on a conservative therapy with regular acupuncture.
Would like to strengthen my abs ,back and legs muscles in a safe and simple way.
What simple and effective excercices do you preconise?
Kind regards

Hi Ibrahim thanks for the question.  I think its great that you are getting acupuncture, I hope that it is helping a little.  For now I would focus on exercises that strengthen your core without much impact or undue stress.  So try doing various plank poses.  Here is a good site to reference:

Avoid doing anything high impact, please modify anything that has any sort of impact.  

You can also do squats and lunges making sure to avoid bending your back while bending your knees.  Seated and standing leg raises are also good as long as you are conscious and aware of using your core to stabilize your back.

I hope this helps thanks for the question.


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