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I am 31/F, 5ft 2in, small frame, weigh 125lbs with 32-34% body fat. I just tried out a group fitness class for the 1st time after working out at home with exercise videos for more than 4 years [Pilates, Strength, Yoga, Aerobics, etc]. Now, the trainer/instructor did not correct form of the class, but kept pushing us to do the exercises faster. He has been known to get results in the members who attend (weight loss, tone, strength, etc). I don't want to suffer from exercise-related injury which I think the members will suffer if they keep this up with him. At the same time, I tend to not push myself hard enough when I am working out solo at home. I can't seem to make up my mind to join this class for a month [6 times/week] as I need to lose 4-8 lbs within a month for my cousin's wedding. My primary intention to join this fitness class is that I'll take the morning batch and this will help me become an early riser. I just can't seem to push myself to wake up early to workout. I always work out in the evening after work 3-4 times/week. The added weight loss and tone will be the bonus. What advice could you give me that will help me make up my mind and come to a decision regarding this. What do I do? Should I join or not?

Hi Caylith,

This is not a question I can answer for you. Rather I will give you this advice. You need to make you exercise routine fit into your day and convenient for you. If you struggle with early morning exercise what is the likelihood that you will be consistent and stick with it? You can try to move your workouts to the morning at home first and see if you are able to create the habit of waking early to start your day with exercise. I hope that you are able to find what works best for you and can continue challenge your fitness.  


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