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Dear Ken,

I am 26 male. To keep fit i use to go for running for three sets of 7-minutes each. Last week i tried two sets of 10-minutes. It went well for a few days but now i am feeling a pain in my lower-leg portion. I feel pain mostly when i use steps and while jogging.

It's nearly been a week and still i am having such problem.

I will be pleased if you can kindly help me.



Glad you're motivated to run.  Pain, however, is your body's signal that something is wrong.  Without knowing anything about you, your physical condition, or running history, there's no way to determine why you're feeling what you're feeling. If you're still running, stop, until the pain goes away.  If the pain doesn't begin to subside in another week, seek medical treatment, as chances are it's a hard tissue injury (bone).  Pain caused by muscle/tendon injuries will subside with rest.  Take aspirine as well to relieve pain.  You may want to try icing the area for short periods of time if that is available to you to reduce pain.

Probably going from 7 miles to 10 miles was too big of a jump in distance for you.  It was almost a 50% increase in distance, and that is way too much for most people, including you. A 5-10% increase in distance/duration is what is recommended to prevent the body from having excessive strain put on it at one time.  Every few weeks, increase another 5-10%, until you reach the 10 mile mark if that is your goal. A gradual progression prevents injury and associated soreness from it.

You may also need to include strengthening and stretching exercises if you're not doing any. Make sure you use the best shoes you can afford as well - it does make a difference.
Sorry that happened to you.  Be patient. You'll run again.  In the meantime, bike, swim, or walk (if tolerated).  Gotta give your legs the rest they need to recover.
Hope this helps.


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