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I was wondering if you could recommend a heart rate monitor for running? At the gym I have seen people with ones wrapped around their bicep, but on I can mostly only find wrist watch styled ones. I need something that will let me decide how long I want to maintain a certain heart rate so I can keep challenging my heart strength and my running speed.

Hi James I must admit I'm not a HR monitor expert but I know that there are many styles out there, some good, some not so good.  It sounds like you want to gauge your fitness level by monitoring your HR which is great, but you can do that with any style monitor as long as it is pretty accurate.  All of them will count bpm and ultimately you want your HR to decrease over time while working at the same intensity level. This indicates that your heart is working more efficiently, working less to produce the same result.  And of course you are probably timing your running so it would be easy to quantify the change in the efficiency of the work your heart is doing (which can be done manually as well).

You might want to look at some reviews online of different types of monitors to gauge the quality.

Hope this helps, thanks for the question!

Kim Farmer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist


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