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Aerobics/running hurts thyroid?


Just want to know your opinion..  I've always run, but lately my symptoms of hypothyroid have become more prevalent, and my nutritionalist says I should do no cardio/endurance, especially running, because it suppressed the thyroid.  That saddens me.  I was wondering if you know of any way I can continue to run without suppressing thyroid.  Thanks.  I know if you over run, you can even make yourself look older.  He told me that if I run, with hypothyroidism, I can cause hairloss. which I don't want to do.  I currently rotate 1 day walking for an hour, 1 day walk for fifteen minutes, and run 45 minutes.  I rotate those two and take one day off.  I also do squats twice a week and arms weights .

Hi Andrea,
I don't want to contradict your nutritionist but a nutritionist should not be giving such medical advice.  You really need to talk to a medical doctor about that.  I believe what your nutritionist has said is really a myth but again I would highly suggest talking to your doctor about that.  Here is an interesting article about what some claim as to suppress the thyroid:
You should be diagnosed by a medical doctor through blood tests and be treated with medication and a doctor can recommend an appropriate exercise program.  Hope this helps and good luck!


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