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Aerobics/physiological memory?


At 63 yrs old I have been walking 45 minutes, 4-5 times a week or so for ten years, just for the exercise. Just a hypothetical question... if I stopped doing that for a long time, 6 months or more, and then started again, would my body still 'remember' some of the time spent walking and readjust more quickly than if I hadn't walked all that time? Or would it be like totally starting all over again? Thanks

Hi Lee,

Everyone is a little differnt when it comes to time away from exercising and losses. When you stop a regular routine you will loose some of the endurance and muscular gains you have made. However it is hard to say how quickly you could recover from those loses and return to your current fitness level. Length of exercise, intensity, frequency, and the more of exercise will all play a factor in the physiological response.  


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