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Aerobics/modified HIIT?


I am hearing a lot about HIIT or interval training to lose weight. I tried it a few times and I felt like I was going to croak! I am 55, with hypertension (controlled) and two bad knees and a 'so-so' back.
Would a 'modified' HIIT workout be helpful, or does it HAVE to be flat out for 15 seconds like a bear is chasing you? I am doing this: running fast (not jogging) for one minute on my manual incline treadmill, rest ( I putt on my carpet a few times), weights, than run again for five reps.
It leaves me exhausted but feeling OK. Thanks for your thoughts!

It has been my experience with HITT and weight loss that the high-intensity intervals do not have to equal "bear chasing you" speed or effort to still achieve weight loss results. You can easily modify a HITT program by choosing less high-impact exercises (like running) with bodyweight choices (like squats or hip thrusters, depending on the pain it may cause with the knees and back).  


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