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Hello to you!  I hope you will be able to help me here.  I would like to buy a fitness tracker for a friend of mine that has an android phone, and would like to know which is the best choice for my friend.  He is in his 50s and needs something relatively simple to install and use.  This device will be used mainly for walking/hiking.  I have done some research on it, and the more research I do, the more complicated my choices seem.  I hope you will be able to help me narrow my search.  So, here are my basic needs for a fitness tracker:

Android compatible (although he does have a PC at home)
Pretty reliable Heart Rate Monitor via wrist, NOT chest strap
Uncomplicated to use, install, and get started
High user rating
sleep tracking would be nice, but not necessary

Price really isn't an issue here, as I want something he will be able to use and really enjoy.  I hope you will be able to help me at least narrow my search down to a few models.  Thank you so much for your help!!

Thank-you for your inquiry.  There has been such a proliferation of fitness/activity trackers recently, that I am not up-to-snuff on the latest and greatest devises to recommend, unfortunately.  Check with the other experts or continue to search on-line reviews. I'm reluctant to offer recommendations with so many new ones available.  Sorry I couldn't assist you!


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